September 2018

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2018;43(5)


Who should be “controls” in studies on the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders?
P. Boksa, R. Joober

Review Paper

Resting-state functional connectivity in individuals with bipolar disorder during clinical remission: a systematic review
S.K. Syan, M. Smith, B.N. Frey, R. Remtulla, F. Kapczinski, G.B.C. Hall, L. Minuzzi

Research Papers

Neurocognitive, emotional and neuroendocrine correlates of exposure to sexual assault in women
Y. Quidé, H. Cléry, F. Andersson, C. Descriaud, P. Saint-Martin, L. Barantin, V. Gissot, M.-P. Carrey Le Bas; S. Osterreicher, D. Dufour-Rainfray, B. Brizard, M. Ogielska, W. El-Hage

A study of novel bilateral thermal capsulotomy with focused ultrasound for treatment-refractory obsessive–compulsive disorder: 2-year follow-up
S.J. Kim, D. Roh, H.H. Jung, W.S. Chang, C.-H. Kim, J.W. Chang

Low levels of muscarinic M1 receptor–positive neurons in cortical layers III and V in Brodmann areas 9 and 17 from individuals with schizophrenia
E. Scarr, S. Hopper, V. Vos, M.S. Seo, I.P. Everall, T.D. Aumann, G. Chana, B. Dean

White matter network alterations in patients with depersonalization/derealization disorder
A. Sierk, J.K. Daniels, A. Manthey, J.G. Kok, A. Leemans, M. Gaebler, J.-P. Lamke, J. Kruschwitz, H. Walter

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Managing disruptive behaviour in autism-spectrum disorder with guanfacine
L. Propper