November 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(6)


Mental wellness in Canada’s Aboriginal communities: striving toward reconciliation
P. Boksa, R. Joober, L.J. Kirmayer

Research Papers

Sex differences in conditioned stimulus discrimination during context-dependent fear learning and its retrieval in humans: the role of biological sex, contraceptives and menstrual cycle phases
T.B. Lonsdorf, J. Haaker, D. Schümann, T. Sommer, J. Bayer, S. Brassen, N. Bunzeck, M. Gamer, R. Kalisch

Cognitive effects of deep brain stimulation in patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder
M. Mantione, D. Nieman, M. Figee, P. van den Munckhof, R. Schuurman, D. Denys

Olfactory performance segregates effects of anhedonia and anxiety on social function in patients with schizophrenia
K. Cieslak, J. Walsh-Messinger, A. Stanford, L. Vaez-Azizi, D. Antonius, J. Harkavy-Friedman, D. Goetz, R.R. Goetz, D. Malaspina

Valence and agency influence striatal response to feedback in patients with major depressive disorder
J. Späti, J. Chumbley, N. Doerig, J. Brakowski, M. Grosse Holtforth, E. Seifritz, S. Spinelli

Voxel-wise meta-analyses of brain blood flow and local synchrony abnormalities in medication-free patients with major depressive disorder
Z.-Q. Chen, M.-Y. Du, Y.-J. Zhao, X.-Q. Huang, J. Li, S. Lui, J.-M. Hu, H.-Q. Sun, J. Liu, G.J. Kemp, Q.-Y. Gong

Baseline brain perfusion and brain structure in patients with major depression: a multimodal magnetic resonance imaging study
N. Vasic, N.D. Wolf, G. Grön, Z. Sosic-Vasic, B.J. Connemann,
F. Sambataro, A. von Strombeck, D. Lang, S. Otte, M. Dudek, R.C. Wolf

Dopamine effects on evidence gathering and integration
C. Andreou, B.C. Schneider, V. Braun, K. Kolbeck, J. Gallinat, S. Moritz


Deep brain stimulation to reduce sexual drive
J. Fuss, M.K. Auer, S.V. Biedermann, P. Briken, W. Hacke


Adolescence as a unique developmental period


Altered affective, executive and sensorimotor resting state networks in patients with pediatric mania

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Treatment-resistant depression in later life
H. El Bayoumi, Z. Ismail

Online Letter to the Editor

Exit exceptionalism: mental disease is like any other medical disease
B. Hofmann

Exit exceptionalism: mental disease is like any other medical disease – Author response
A. Malla, R. Joober, A. Garcia

September 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(5)


Adolescence as a unique developmental period
N. Jaworska, G. MacQueen

Research Papers

DNA methylation of the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) is associated with brain function involved in processing emotional stimuli
T. Frodl, M. Szyf, A. Carballedo, V. Ly, S. Dymov, F. Vaisheva, D. Morris, C. Fahey, J. Meaney, M. Gill, L. Booij

Elevated cognitive control over reward processing in recovered female patients with anorexia nervosa
S. Ehrlich, D. Geisler, F. Ritschel, J.A. King, M. Seidel, I. Boehm, M. Breier, S. Clas, J. Weiss, M. Marxen, M.N. Smolka, V. Roessner, N.B. Kroemer

Using structural MRI to identify individuals at genetic risk for bipolar disorders: a 2-cohort, machine learning study
T. Hajek, C. Cooke, M. Kopecek, T. Novak, C. Hoschl, M. Alda

Altered white matter tract property related to impaired focused attention, sustained attention, cognitive impulsivity and vigilance in attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder
H.-L. Chiang, Y.-J. Chen, Y.-C. Lo, W.-Y.I. Tseng, S.S.-F. Gau

Childhood abuse and neglect may induce deficits in cognitive precursors of psychosis in high-risk children
N. Berthelot, T. Paccalet, E. Gilbert, I. Moreau, C. Mérette, N. Gingras, N. Rouleau, M. Maziade

Lower white matter microstructure in the superior longitudinal fasciculus is associated with increased response time variability in adults with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder
T. Wolfers, A.M.H. Onnink, M.P. Zwiers, A. Arias-Vasquez, M. Hoogman, J.C. Mostert, C.C. Kan, D. Slaats-Willemse, J.K. Buitelaar, B. Franke

Corpus callosum area in patients with bipolar disorder with and without psychotic features: an international multicentre study
S. Sarrazin, M.-A. d’Albis, C. McDonald, J. Linke, M. Wessa, M. Phillips, M. Delavest, L. Emsell, A. Versace, J. Almeida, J.-F. Mangin, C. Poupon, K. Le Dudal, C. Daban, N. Hamdani, M. Leboyer, J. Houenou

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Topiramate augmentation in a patient with obsessive–compulsive disorder
M. Van Ameringen, B. Patterson

Online Letters to the Editor

Altered pain threshold sensitivity and frontoparietal–cingulate network in anorexia nervosa: the role of disgust sensitivity
C. Vicario

Altered pain threshold sensitivity and frontoparietal–cingulate network in anorexia nervosa: the role of disgust sensitivity – Author response
K. Bär, G. Wagner

July 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(4)


Why is depression more prevalent in women?
P.R. Albert

Research Papers

A randomized double-blind crossover trial of deep brain stimulation of the subcallosal cingulate gyrus in patients with treatment-resistant depression: a pilot study of relapse prevention
D. Puigdemont, M.J. Portella, R. Pérez-Egea, J. Molet, A. Gironell, J. de Diego-Adeliño, A. Martín, R. Rodríguez, E. Àlvarez, F. Artigas, V. Pérez

Brain structural correlates of sensory phenomena in patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder
M. Subirà, J.R. Sato, P. Alonso, M.C. do Rosário, C. Segalàs, M.C. Batistuzzo, E. Real, A.C. Lopes, E. Cerrillo, J.B. Diniz, J. Pujol, R.O. Assis, J.M. Menchón, R.G. Shavitt, G.F. Busatto, N. Cardoner, E.C. Miguel, M.Q. Hoexter, C. Soriano-Mas

Cigarette smoking is associated with thinner cingulate and insular cortices in patients with severe mental illness
K.N. Jørgensen, I. Skjærvø, L. Mørch-Johnsen, U.K. Haukvik, E. Heffermehl Lange, I. Melle, O.A. Andreassen, I. Agartz

Monocyte and microglial activation in patients with mood-stabilized bipolar disorder
J. Jakobsson, M. Bjerke, S. Sahebi, A. Isgren, C.J. Ekman, C. Sellgren, B. Olsson, H. Zetterberg, K. Blennow, E. Pålsson, M. Landén

A significant risk factor for poststroke depression: the depression-related subnetwork
S. Yang, P. Hua, X. Shang, Z. Cui, S. Zhong, G. Gong, G.W. Humphreys

Structural and functional differences in the cingulate cortex relate to disease severity in anorexia nervosa
K.-J. Bär, F. de la Cruz, S. Berger, C.C. Schultz, G. Wagner

Microstructural abnormalities of the brain white matter in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
L. Chen, X. Huang, D. Lei, N. He, X. Hu, Y. Chen, Y. Li, J. Zhou, L. Guo, G.J. Kemp, Q. Gong

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Acute renal and neurotoxicity in older lithium users: How can we manage and prevent these events in patients with late-life mood disorders?
V. Laliberté, C. Yu, S. Rej

May 2015


“Mental illness is like any other medical illness”: a critical examination of the statement and its impact on patient care and society
A. Malla, R. Joober, A. Garcia

Research Papers

Increased levels of cerebrospinal fluid JNK3 associated with amyloid pathology: links to cognitive decline
S. Gourmaud, C. Paquet, J. Dumurgier, C. Pace, C. Bouras, F. Gray, J.-L. Laplanche, E.F. Meurs, F. Mouton-Liger, J. Hugon

Reduced activation in the ventral striatum during probabilistic decision-making in patients in an at-risk mental state
F. Rausch, D. Mier, S. Eifler, S. Fenske, F. Schirmbeck, S. Englisch, C. Schilling,  A. Meyer-Lindenberg, P. Kirsch, M. Zink

Vortioxetine: a meta-analysis of 12 short-term, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials for the treatment of major depressive disorder
C.-U. Pae, S.-M. Wang, C. Han, S.-J. Lee, A.A. Patkar, P.S. Masand, A. Serretti

The risk for major depression conferred by childhood maltreatment is multiplied by BDNF and SERT genetic vulnerability: a replication study
B. Gutiérrez, J.A. Bellón, M. Rivera, E. Molina, M. King, L. Marston, F. Torres-González, B. Moreno-Küstner, P. Moreno-Peral, E. Motrico, C. Montón-Franco, M.J. GildeGómez-Barragán, M. Sánchez-Celaya, M.A. Díaz-Barreiros, C. Vicens, J. de Dios Luna, I. Nazareth, J. Cervilla

Brain volume in male patients with recent onset schizophrenia with and without cannabis use disorders
L. Koenders, M.W.J. Machielsen,  F.J. van der Meer, A.C.M. van Gasselt, C.J. Meijer, W. van den Brink, M.W.J. Koeter, M.W.A. Caan, J. Cousijn, A. den Braber, D. van ‘t Ent, M.M. Rive, A.H. Schene, E. van de Giessen, C. Huyser, B.P. de Kwaasteniet, D.J. Veltman, L. de Haan

Grey matter, an endophenotype for schizophrenia? A voxel-based morphometry study in siblings of patients with schizophrenia
J. van der Velde, P.M. Gromann, M. Swart, L. de Haan, D. Wiersma, R. Bruggeman, L. Krabbendam, A. Aleman

CCNP News and Views

Obituary of Theodore L. Sourkes, PhD, FRSC, OC

Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology 2015 award winners


Correction – Impaired musical ability in people with schizophrenia

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Inappropriate benzodiazepine use in elderly patients and its reduction
C. Tannenbaum

March 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(2)


Can the neurodevelopmental theory account for sex differences in schizophrenia across the life span?
C.H. Baldwin, L.K. Srivastava

Research Papers

Knockdown of phospholipase C-β1 in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice impairs working memory among multiple schizophrenia endophenotypes
S.-W. Kim, M. Seo, D.-S. Kim, M. Kang, Y.-S. Kim, H.-Y. Koh, H.-S. Shin

Increased orbitofrontal cortex activation associated with “pro-obsessive” antipsychotic treatment in patients with schizophrenia
F. Schirmbeck, D. Mier, C. Esslinger, F. Rausch, S. Englisch, S. Eifler, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, P. Kirsch, M. Zink

Does neuroanatomy account for superior temporal dysfunction in early psychosis? A multimodal MRI investigation
W. Pettersson-Yeo, S. Benetti, S. Frisciata, M. Catani, S.C.R. Williams, P. Allen, P. McGuire, A. Mechelli

Disadvantageous decision-making on a rodent gambling task is associated with increased motor impulsivity in a population of male rats
M.M. Barrus, J.G. Hosking, F.D. Zeeb, M. Tremblay, C.A. Winstanley

An eye-tracking investigation of intentional motion perception in patients with schizophrenia
P. Roux, C. Passerieux, F. Ramus

Increased levels of IL-6 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with chronic schizophrenia — significance for activation of the kynurenine pathway
L. Schwieler, M.K. Larsson, E. Skogh, M.E. Kegel, F. Orhan, S. Abdelmoaty, A. Finn, M. Bhat, M. Samuelsson, K. Lundberg, M.-L. Dahl, C. Sellgren, I. Schuppe-Koistinen, C.I. Svensson, S. Erhardt, G. Engberg

Sad mood induction has an opposite effect on amygdala response to emotional stimuli in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder and healthy controls
J. Horacek, P. Mikolas, J. Tintera, T. Novak, T. Palenicek, M. Brunovsky, C. Höschl, M. Alda

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Adjunctive treatment with melatonin receptor agonists for older delirious patients with the sundowning phenomenon
T.-C. Yeh, C.-B. Yeh, N.-S. Tzeng, W.-C. Mao

January 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(1)


On telomeres long and short
N. Corbett, M. Alda

Review Papers

Genetic and early environmental influences on the serotonin system: consequences for brain development and risk for psychopathology
L. Booij, R.E. Tremblay, M. Szyf, C. Benkelfat

Neurophysiological effects of acute oxytocin administration: systematic review and meta-analysis of placebo-controlled imaging studies
R. Wigton, J. Radua, P. Allen, B. Averbeck, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, P. McGuire, S.S. Shergill, P. Fusar-Poli

Research Papers

Grey matter alterations in patients with depersonalization disorder: a voxel-based morphometry study
J.K. Daniels, M. Gaebler, J.-P. Lamke, H. Walter

Ambulatory sleep-wake patterns and variability in young people with emerging mental disorders
R. Robillard, D.F. Hermens, S.L. Naismith, D. White, N.L. Rogers, T.K.C. Ip, S.J. Mullin, G.A. Alvares, A.J. Guastella, K.L. Smith, Y. Rong, B. Whitwell, J. Southan, N. Glozier, E.M. Scott, I.B. Hickie

Prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke interacts with OPRM1 to modulate dietary preference for fat
K.W.K. Lee, M. Abrahamowicz, G.T. Leonard, L. Richer, M. Perron, S. Veillette, E. Reischl, L. Bouchard, D. Gaudet, T. Paus, Z. Pausova

Functional dysconnectivity of corticostriatal circuitry and differential response to methylphenidate in youth with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
S.-B. Hong,  B.J. Harrison,  A. Fornito, C.-H. Sohn, I.-C. Song,  J.-W. Kim

Shared intermediate phenotypes for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: neuroanatomical features of subtypes distinguished by executive dysfunction
A.M. Shepherd, Y. Quidé, K.R. Laurens, N. O’Reilly, J.E. Rowland, P.B. Mitchell, V.J. Carr, M.J. Green


2014 Reviewers

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Add-on lithium for the treatment of unipolar depression: Too often forgotten?
F. Jollant

November 2014

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2014;39(6)


Gut feelings about depression
A. Abizaid, H. Anisman

Research Papers

Disruption of brain white matter microstructure in women with anorexia nervosa
E. Via, A. Zalesky, I. Sánchez, L. Forcano, B.J. Harrison, J. Pujol, F. Fernández-Aranda, J.M. Menchón, C. Soriano-Mas, N. Cardoner, A. Fornito

Evidence for morphological alterations in prefrontal white matter glia in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
C. Hercher, V. Chopra, C.L. Beasley

Investigation of the involvement of MIR185 and its target genes in the development of schizophrenia
A.J. Forstner, F.B. Basmanav, M. Mattheisen, GROUP Investigators, A.C. Böhmer, M.V. Hollegaard, E. Janson, E. Strengman, L. Priebe, F. Degenhardt, P. Hoffmann, S. Herms, W. Maier, R. Mössner, D. Rujescu, R.A. Ophoff, S. Moebus, P.B. Mortensen, A.D. Børglum, D.M. Hougaard, J. Frank, S.H. Witt, M. Rietschel, A. Zimmer, M.M. Nöthen, X. Miró, S. Cichon

Brain grey matter volume alterations in late-life depression
M. Du, J. Liu, Z. Chen, X. Huang, J. Li, W. Kuang, Y. Yang, W. Zhang, D. Zhou, F. Bi, K.M. Kendrick, Q. Gong

Metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR2/3 and mGluR5 binding in the anterior cingulate cortex in psychotic and nonpsychotic depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia: implications for novel mGluR-based therapeutics
N. Matosin, F. Fernandez-Enright, E. Frank, C. Deng, J. Wong, X.-F. Huang, K.A. Newell

White matter tractography in early psychosis: clinical and neurocognitive associations
S.N. Hatton, J. Lagopoulos, D.F. Hermens, I.B. Hickie, E. Scott, M.R. Bennett

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Clozapine augmentation with amisulpride
S. Porcelli, A. Serretti, O. Bianchini

September 2014

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2014;39(5)


What’s deficient in reward deficiency?
M. Leyton

Research Papers

Zinc finger protein 804A (ZNF804A) and verbal deficits in individuals with autism
A. Anitha, I. Thanseem, K. Nakamura, M.M. Vasu, K. Yamada, T. Ueki, Y. Iwayama, T. Toyota, K.J. Tsuchiya, Y. Iwata, K. Suzuki, T. Sugiyama, M. Tsujii, T. Yoshikawa, N. Mori

Resting-state functional connectivity abnormalities in patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder and their healthy first-degree relatives
J.-M. Hou, M. Zhao, W. Zhang, L.-H. Song, W.-J. Wu, J. Wang,
D.-Q. Zhou, B. Xie, M. He, J.-W. Guo, W. Qu, H.-T. Li

MicroRNA-137 regulates a glucocorticoid receptor–dependent signalling network: implications for the etiology of schizophrenia
A. Vallès, G.J.M. Martens, P. De Weerd, G. Poelmans, A. Aschrafi

Sustained anxiety increases amygdala–dorsomedial prefrontal coupling: a mechanism for maintaining an anxious state in healthy adults
K.E. Vytal, C. Overstreet, D.R. Charney, O.J. Robinson, C. Grillon

Impaired right inferior frontal gyrus response to contextual cues in male veterans with PTSD during response inhibition
S.J.H. van Rooij, A.R. Rademaker, M. Kennis, M. Vink, R.S. Kahn, E. Geuze

Do reward-processing deficits in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders promote cannabis use? An investigation of physiological response to natural rewards and drug cues
C.M. Cassidy, M.B. Brodeur, M. Lepage, A. Malla

BDNF–ERK–CRE Bsignalling mediates the role of miR-132 in the regulation of the effects of oleanolic acid in male mice
L.-T. Yi, J. Li, B.-B. Liu, L. Luo, Q. Liu, D. Geng

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Major depressive disorder and cognitive impairment
R.S. McIntyre

July 2014

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2014;39(4)


Medium range cognitive impairment (MeRCI) hypothesis for psychosis formation: evidence from epidemiological studies and recent molecular genetic developments
R. Joober

Review Paper

Antipsychotic dosing: found in translation
G. Remington, G. Fervaha, G. Foussias, O. Agid, P. Turrone

Research Papers

Enhanced corticobulbar excitability in chronic smokers during visual exposure to cigarette smoking cues
C.M. Vicario, N. Komeilipoor, P. Cesari, R.D. Rafal, M.A. Nitsche

Abnormal effective connectivity and psychopathological symptoms in the psychosis high-risk state
A. Schmidt, R. Smieskova, A. Simon, P. Allen, P. Fusar-Poli, P.K. McGuire, K. Bendfeldt, J. Aston, U.E. Lang, M. Walter, E.-W. Radue, A. Riecher-Rössler, S.J. Borgwardt

Behavioural and neural correlates of self-focused emotion regulation in social anxiety disorder
M. Gaebler, J.K. Daniels, J.-P. Lamke, T. Fydrich, H. Walter

Neuron-specific Sumo1–3 knockdown in mice impairs episodic and fear memories
L. Wang, R.M. Rodriguiz, W.C. Wetsel, H. Sheng, S. Zhao, X. Liu,
W. Paschen, W. Yang

Impact of acute administration of escitalopram on the processing of emotional and neutral images: a randomized crossover fMRI study of healthy women
T. Outhred, P. Das, K.L. Felmingham, R.A. Bryant, P.J. Nathan,
G.S. Malhi, A.H. Kemp

Oxidation and nitration in dopaminergic areas of the prefrontal cortex from patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
H.K. Kim, A.C. Andreazza, P.Y. Yeung, C. Isaacs-Trepanier,
L.T. Young

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

The treatment of bipolar patients with elevated impulsivity and suicide risk
M.E. Sloan, A. Iskric, N.C. Low

November 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(6)

Review Papers

Molecular genetics of schizophrenia: a critical review
N. Berry, V. Jobanputra, H. Pal

Brain modules of hallucination: an analysis of multiple patients with brain lesions
C.M.J. Braun, M. Dumont,  J. Duval, I. Hamel-Hébert, L. Godbout

Research Paper

Effects of diazepam on facial emotion recognition
N.J. Coupland, A.J. Singh, R.A. Sustrik, P. Ting, R.J. Blair

Brief Report

A new method for rapidly and simultaneously decreasing serotonin and catecholamine synthesis in humans
M. Leyton, V. Kwai Pun,  C. Benkelfat, S.N. Young

CCNP News and Views

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Letter to the Editors

Buspirone for anxiety and agitation in dementia
J.P. Cooper

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Are SAMe and 5-HTP safe and effective treatments for depression?
S.N. Young

September 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(5)


Peer review of manuscripts: theory and practice
S.N. Young


Antidepressants and suicide: risk–benefit conundrums
D. Healy,  C. Whitaker

Suicidality with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: Valid claim?
Y.D. Lapierre


Anterior cingulate dysfunction: Implications for psychiatric disorders?
M. Yücel, S.J. Wood, A. Fornito, J. Riffkin, D. Velakoulis

Research Papers

Effectiveness and outcome predictors of long-term lithium prophylaxis in unipolar major depressive disorder
C. Baethge, P. Gruschka, M.N. Smolka, A. Berghöfer, T. Bschor, B. Müller-Oerlinghausen, M. Bauer

Beclomethasone-induced vasoconstriction in women with major depressive disorder
N.J. Coupland, K.M. Hegadoren, J. Myrholm

CCNP News and Views

Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology 2003 Award Winners

Book Reviews

Handbook of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
Z. Nahas

Foundations in Social Neuroscience.
S.N. Young, D.S. Moskowitz

Psychiatry in the Elderly.
J.S. Lok, J.K. Le Clair

Psychiatry in Canada: Fifty Years.
R.T. Joffe

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

A 56-year-old woman with recurrent major depressive disorder refractory to medication had a good response to an acute course of right unilateral electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) but experienced significant cognitive effects and refused maintenance ECT. Is she a good candidate for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation?
R.G. Cooke

July 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(4)


Neurotransmitter interactions in psychotropic drug action: beyond dopamine and serotonin
A. J. Greenshaw

Review Paper

A review of olanzapine-associated toxicity and fatality in overdose
P. Chue,  P. Singer

The role of GABAA receptors in mediating the effects of alcohol in the central nervous system
M. Davies

Understanding antipsychotic “atypicality”: a clinical and pharmacological moving target
G. Remington

Research Papers

Plasma nitrate levels in deficit versus non-deficit forms of schizophrenia
E. Suzuki, T. Nakaki, M. Nakamura, H. Miyaoka

Actigraphic measurement of the effects of single-dose haloperidol and olanzapine on spontaneous motor activity in normal subjects
M. Kiang, Z.J. Daskalakis, B.K. Christensen, G. Remington, S. Kapur

Book Reviews

The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine: Plant Drugs That Alter Mind, Brain and Behavior
R.T. Coutts

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

What is a recommended treatment for aggression in a patient with schizophrenia?
G. Gobbi, G. Debonnel

May 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(3)


Brand versus generic medications: the money, the patient and the research
P. Blier

Review Paper

Cholecystokinin receptor subtypes: role in the modulation of anxiety-related and reward-related behaviours in animal models
S. Rotzinger, F. J. Vaccarino

Research Papers

Smoking and tardive dyskinesia: lack of involvement of the CYP1A2 gene
S. Chong, E. Tan, C.H. Tan, Mythily

Treatment of primary insomnia with melatonin: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study
L.G. Almeida Montes, M.P. Ontiveros Uribe, J.Cortés Sotres, G. Heinze Martin

Spontaneously hypertensive rats: further evaluation of age-related memory performance and cholinergic marker expression
C.M. Hernandez, H. Høifødt, A.V. Terry Jr.

Brief Report

Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid system activity during lithium augmentation therapy in patients with unipolar major depression
T. Bschor, C. Baethge, M. Adli, U. Lewitzka, U. Eichmann, M. Bauer

Letters to the Editors

Left with the voices or hearing right? Lateralization of auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia
I.E.C. Sommer, A. Aleman, R.S. Kahn

Left with the voices or hearing right? Lateralization of auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia; The authors respond.
E. Stip, L.A. Bentaleb

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Tardive dystonia and its treatment
S. Sethi

Diagnostic considerations
P.I. Rosebush, M.F. Mazurek

March 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(2)


Lifestyle drugs, mood, behaviour and cognition
S.N. Young


The prodromal stage of psychotic illness: Observation, detection or intervention
J. Addington

Review Paper

Interactions between the cytochrome P450 system and the second-generation antipsychotic
T.I. Prior, G.B.Baker

Research Papers

Effects of dextroamphetamine, lithium chloride, sodium valproate and carbamazepine on intraplatelet Ca2+ levels
M.L. Ulrich, S. Rotzinger,S.J. Asghar, P. Jurasz, V.A. Tanay,S.M.J. Dunn, M. Radomski, A. Greenshaw, P.H. Silverstone

Pentagastrin-induced release of free fatty acids in healthy volunteers and patients with panic disorder: effect of pretreatment with ethinyl estradiol
J.D. Morrow, K. McManus,G.R. Tait, F. Bellavance, W. Chrapko,N. Lara,J.M. Le Mellédo

Letters to the Editors

Thyroid hormone treatment for lithium-induced thyroid dysfunction in mood disorder
R. Ramasubbu

Manic-switch induced by fluvoxamine in abstinent pure methamphetamine abusers
M. Won, et al

CCNP News and Views

The University of Ottawa model for obtaining the needed spectrum of psychiatric services: its relevance in the world today

Book Reviews

Mood Disorders in Women
L. Calhoun

Psychiatric Medications for Older Adults: The concise Guide
J. Sadovoy

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Is tryptophan a natural hypnotic?
S.N. Young

January 2003

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2003;28(1)


Treating mood disorders
R.T. Joffe

Review Papers

Correlates of response to acetylcholinesterase inhibitor therapy in Alzheimer’s disease
K.L. Lanctôt, N. Herrmann, M.M. LouLou

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Research Papers

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Brief Report

Mirtazapine for treatment-resistant depression: a preliminary report
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Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

What treatment options exist for alcohol abuse?
M. Dongier