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Low white-matter integrity between the left thalamus and inferior frontal gyrus in patients with insomnia disorder
J.M. Kang, S.W. Joo, Y-D. Son, H. Kim, K-P. Ko, J.S. Lee, S-G. Kang
(First published June 12, 2018)

Abnormal protein and mRNA expression of inflammatory cytokines in the prefrontal cortex of depressed individuals who died by suicide
G.N. Pandey, H.S. Rizavi, H. Zhang, R. Bhaumik, X. Ren
(First published June 11, 2018)

White matter network alterations in patients with depersonalization/derealization disorder
A. Sierk, J.K. Daniels, A. Manthey, J.G. Kok, A. Leemans,  M. Gaebler, JP. Lamke, J. Kruschwitz, H. Walter
(First published June 6, 2018)

Low levels of muscarinic M1 receptor–positive neurons in cortical layers III and V in Brodmann areas 9 and 17 from individuals with schizophrenia
E. Scarr, S. Hopper, V. Vos, M.S. Seo, I.P. Everall, T.D.  Aumann, G. Chunam, B. Dean
(First published May 31, 2018)

Genetic variability in scaffolding proteins and risk for schizophrenia and autism-spectrum disorders: a systematic review
J. Soler, L. Fañanás, M. Parellada, M.-O. Krebs, G.A. Rouleau, M. Fatjó-Vilasz
(First published May 29, 2018)

The maternal brain in women with a history of earlylife maltreatment: an imagination-based fMRI study of conflictual versus pleasant interactions with children
C. Neukel; K. Bertsch, A. Fuchs, A.-L. Zietlow, C. Reck, E. Moehler, R. Brunner, F. Bermpohl, S.C. Herpertz
(First published May 16, 2018)

A study of novel bilateral thermal capsulotomy with focused ultrasound for treatment-refractory obsessive– compulsive disorder: 2-year follow-up
S.J. Kim, D. Roh, H.H. Jung, W.S. Chang, C-H. Kim, J.W. Chang
(First published May 2, 2018)

Are people with psychiatric disorders violent?
M. Leyton
(First published Apr. 24, 2018)

Abnormal dynamic functional connectivity of amygdalar subregions in untreated patients with first-episode major depressive disorder
L. Qiu, M. Xia, B. Cheng, L. Yuan, W. Kuang, F. Bi, H. Ai, Z. Gu, S. Lui, X. Huang, Y. He, Q. Gong
(First published Apr. 10, 2018)

Examining cognition across the bipolar/schizophrenia diagnostic spectrum
A.J. Lynham, L. Hubbard, K.E. Tansey, M.L. Hamshere, S.E. Legge, M.J. Owen, I.R. Jones, J.T.R. Walters
(First published Apr. 5, 2018)

Neurocognitive, emotional and neuroendocrine correlates of exposure to sexual assault in women
Y. Quidé, H. Cléry, F. Andersson, C. Descriaud, P. Saint-Martin, L. Barantin, V. Gissot, M-P.C.  Le Bas; S. Osterreicher, D. Dufour-Rainfray, B. Brizard, M. Ogielska, W. El-Hage
(First published Apr. 5, 2018)

Effects of extended-release naltrexone on the brain response to drug-related stimuli in patients with opioid use disorder
Z. Shi, A.-L. Wang, K. Jagannathan, V.P. Fairchild, C.P. O’Brien, A.R. Childress, D.D. Langleben
(First published Feb. 27, 2018)

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