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Changes of motor cortical excitability and response inhibition in patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder
J.I. Kang, D.Y. Kim, C. Lee, C-H. Kim, S.J. Kim
(First published February 13, 2019)

Unilateral and bilateral repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment-resistant depression: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials over 2 decades
S. Sehatzadeh, Z.J. Daskalakis, B. Yap, H-A. Tu, S. Palimaka, J.M. Bowen, D.J. O’Reilly
(First published February 5, 2019)

An artificial neural network model for clinical score prediction in Alzheimer disease using structural neuroimaging measures
N. Bhagwat, J. Pipitone, A.N. Voineskos, M.M. Chakravarty, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
(First published February 5, 2019)

Adolescent depression and brain development: evidence from voxel-based morphometry
J. Straub, R. Brown, K. Malejko, M. Bonenberger, G. Grön, P.L. Plener, B. Abler
(First published February 5, 2019)

A longitudinal, epigenome-wide study of DNA methylation in anorexia nervosa: results in actively ill, partially weight-restored, long-term remitted and non-eating-disordered women
H. Steiger, L. Booij, E. Kahan, K. McGregor, L. Thaler, E. Fletcher, A. Labbe, R. Joober, M. Israël, M. Szyf, L.B. Agellon, L. Gauvin, A. St-Hilaire, E. Rossi
(First published January 29, 2019)

Reduced parietofrontal effective connectivity during a working-memory task in people with high delusional ideation
Y. Fukuda, T. Katthagen, L. Deserno, L. Shayegan, J. Kaminski, A. Heinz, F. Schlagenhauf
(First published January 18, 2019)

Neurobehavioural mechanisms of threat generalization moderate the link between childhood maltreatment and psychopathology in emerging adulthood
I. Lange, L. Goossens, J. Bakker, S. Michielse, R. van Winkel, S. Lissek, N. Leibold, M. Marcelis, M. Wichers, J. van Os, T. van Amelsvoort, K. Schruers
(First published December 12, 2018)

Age-related deficits in intracortical myelination in young adults with bipolar disorder type I
M. Sehmbi, C.D. Rowley, L. Minuzzi, F. Kapczinski, J.M. Kwiecien, N.A. Bock, B.N. Frey
(First published December 10, 2018)

Multisensory integration underlying body-ownership experiences in schizophrenia and offspring of patients: a study using the rubber hand illusion paradigm
M. Prikken, A. van der Weiden, H. Baalbergen, M.H.J. Hillegers, R.S. Kahn, H. Aarts, N.E.M. van Haren
(First published December 7, 2018)

Spontaneous low-frequency fluctuations in the neural system for emotional perception in major psychiatric disorders: amplitude similarities and differences across frequency bands
M. Chang, E.K. Edmiston, F.Y. Womer, Q. Zhou, S. Wei, X. Jiang, Y. Zhou, Y. Ye, H. Huang, X. Zuo, K. Xu, Y. Tang, F. Wang
(First published November 28, 2018)

Lateral orbitofrontal dysfunction in the Sapap3 knockout mouse model of obsessive–compulsive disorder
H. Lei, J. Lai, X. Sun, Q. Xu, G. Feng
(First published November 7, 2018)

Brain grey-matter volume alteration in adult patients with bipolar disorder under different conditions: a voxel-based meta-analysis
X. Wang, Q. Luo, F. Tian, B. Cheng, L. Qiu, S. Wang, M. He, H. Wang, M. Duan, Z. Jia
(First published October 24, 2018)

GABA levels and TSPO expression in people at clinical high risk for psychosis and healthy volunteers: a PET-MRS study
T. Da Silva, S. Hafizi, P.M. Rusjan, S. Houle, A.A. Wilson, I. Prce, N. Sailasuta, R. Mizrahi
(First published September 26, 2018)

Cerebral blood flow in striatal regions is associated with apathy in patients with schizophrenia
K. Schneider, L. Michels, M.N. Hartmann-Riemer, A. Burrer, P.N. Tobler, P. Stämpfli, M. Kirschner, E. Seifritz, S. Kaiser
(First published September 7, 2018)

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