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Frontoparietal and salience network alterations in obsessive–compulsive disorder: insights from independent component and sliding time window analyses
D.A. Gürsel, L. Reinholz, B. Bremer; B. Schmitz-Koep, N. Franzmeier, M. Avram, K. Koch
(First published March 13, 2020)

The orbitofrontal cortex, food intake and obesity
L.T. Seabrook, S.L. Borgland
(First published March 13, 2020)

High-frequency versus theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of poststroke cognitive impairment in humans
P.-Y. Tsai, W.-S. Lin, K.-T. Tsai, C.-Y. Kuo, P.-H. Lin
(First published March 11, 2020)

Metabolic state and value-based decision-making in acute and recovered female patients with anorexia nervosa
F. Bernardoni, N. Bernhardt, S. Pooseh, J.A. King, D. Geisler, F. Ritschel, I. Boehm, M. Seidel, V. Roessner, M.N. Smolka, S. Ehrlich
(First published March 4, 2020)

Deficits of entropy modulation of the EEG: A biomarker for altered function in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?
V. Molina, A. Lubeiro, R. de Luis Garcia, J. Gomez-Pilar, O. Martín-Santiago, M. Iglesias-Tejedor, P. Holgado-Madera, R. Segarra-Echeverría, M. Recio-Barbero, P. Núñez, M.K. Haidar, J. Fernández-Sevillano, J. Sanz-Fuentenebro
(First published February 26, 2020)

Hippocampal and parahippocampal volumes vary by sex and traumatic life events in children
A.S. Badura-Brack, M.S. Mills, C.M. Embury, M.M. Khanna, A. Klanecky Earl, J.M. Stephen, Y.-P. Wang, V.D. Calhoun, T.W. Wilson
(First published February 20, 2020)

Indirect frontocingulate structural connectivity predicts clinical response to accelerated rTMS in major depressive disorder
D.C.W. Klooster, I.N. Vos, K. Caeyenberghs, A. Leemans, S. David, R.M.H. Besseling, A.P. Aldenkamp, C. Baeken
(First published January 28, 2020)

Magnetic seizure therapy is efficacious and well tolerated for treatment-resistant bipolar depression: an open-label clinical trial
V.M. Tang, D.M. Blumberger, J. Dimitrova, A. Throop, S.M. McClintock, D. Voineskos, J. Downar, Y. Knyahnytska, B.H. Mulsant, P.B. Fitzgerald, Z.J. Daskalakis
(First published January 10, 2020)

CACNA1C polymorphism and brain cortical structure in bipolar disorder
E. Smedler, C. Abé, E. Pålsson, M. Ingvar, M. Landén
(First published December 12, 2019)

Impact of pretreatment interhemispheric hippocampal asymmetry on improvement in verbal learning following erythropoietin treatment in mood disorders: a randomized controlled trial
K.W. Miskowiak,  J.L. Forman, M. Vinberg, H.R. Siebner, L.V. Kessing, J. Macoveanu
(First published December 5, 2019)

Peripheral serotonin transporter DNA methylation is linked to increased salience network connectivity in females with anorexia nervosa
I. Boehm, E. Walton, N. Alexander, V-L. Batury, M. Seidel, D. Geisler,  J.A. King, K. Weidner, V. Roessner, S. Ehrlich
(First published December 5, 2019)

Neural bases of the clinical and neurocognitive differences between earlyand late-onset obsessive–compulsive disorder
T. Kim, S. Kwak, J.-W. Hur, J.  Lee, W.-G. Shin, T.Y. Lee, M. Kim, J.S. Kwon
(First published November 25, 2019)

Autonomic dysfunction and sudden death in patients with Rett syndrome: a systematic review
J. Singh, E. Lanzarini, P. Santosh
(First published November 8, 2019)

Genetic and environmental influences on corticostriatal circuits in twins with autism
J.P. Hegarty II, L.C. Lazzeroni, M.M. Raman, J.F. Hallmayer, S.C. Cleveland, O.N. Wolke, J.M. Phillips, A.L. Reiss, A.Y. Hardan
(First published October 11, 2019)