September 2006

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2006;31(5)


Neurodegeneration and aldehyde load: from concept to therapeutics
P.L. Wood

Review Paper

The need for speed: an update on methamphetamine addiction
A.M. Barr, W.J. Panenka, G.W. MacEwan, A.E. Thornton, D.J. Lang, W.G. Honer, T. Lecomte

Research Papers

Reduced hippocampal volume correlates with executive dysfunctioning in major depression
T. Frodl, A. Schaub, S. Banac, M. Charypar, M. Jäger, P. Kümmler, R. Bottlender, T. Zetzsche, C. Born, G. Leinsinger, M. Reiser, H.J. Möller, E.M. Meisenzal

Effects of lithium and valproate on amphetamine-induced oxidative stress generation in an animal model of mania
B.N. Frey, S.S. Valvassori, G.Z. Réus, M.R. Martins, F.C. Petronilho, K. Bardini, F. Dal-Pizzol, F. Kapczinski, J. Quevedo

Fluoxetine-induced alterations in human platelet serotonin transporter expression: serotonin transporter polymorphism effects
K.Y. Little, L. Zhang, E. Cook

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Psychopharmacology of smoking cessation in patients with mental illness
P. Selby