March 2007

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2007;32(2)


Folate and depression — a neglected problem
S.N. Young

CCNP News and Views

In memoriam — Guy Debonnel
P. Blier

CCNP Award Paper

Imaging the serotonin transporter during major depressive disorder and antidepressant treatment
J.H. Meyer

Review Paper

NMDA neurotransmission as a critical mediator of borderline personality disorder
B. Grosjean, G.E. Tsai

Brief report

Neurocognitive function in an extended Afrikaner-ancestry family with affective illness
J. Savitz, L. van der Merwe, M. Solms, R. Ramesar

Research Papers

Lack of association between the norepinephrine transporter gene and major depression in a Han Chinese population
C-C Chang, R-B Lu, C-L Chen, C-M Chu, H-A Chang, C-C Huang, Y-L Huang, S-Y Huang

Mood-elevating effects of d-amphetamine and incentive salience: the effect of acute dopamine precursor depletion
M. Leyton, M. ann het Rot, L. Booij, G.B. Baker, S.N. Young, C. Benkelfat

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Onset of confusion in the context of late-life depression
B.H. Mulsant