July 2007

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2007;32(4)


The usefulness of large studies in psychopharmacology: understanding their strong points and their drawbacks
P. Blier

Research Papers

[I-123] ADAM and SPECT in patients with borderline personality disorder and healthy control subjects
W. Koch, N. Schaaff, G. Pöpperl, C. Mulert, G. Juckel, M. Reicherzer, C. Ehmer-von Geiso, H-J Möller, U. Hegerl, K. Tatsch, O. Pogarell

The long-term impact of treatment with electroconvulsive therapy on discrete memory systems in patients with bipolar disorder
G. MacQueen, C. Parkin, M. Marriott, H. Bégin, G. Hasey

Empirical evaluation of language disorder in schizophrenia
M. Stephane, G. Pellizzer, C.R. Fletcher, K. McClannahan

Cortical excitability and rest activity properties in patients with depression
C. Salustri, F. Tecchio, F. Zappasodi, G. Bevacqua, M. Fontana, M. Ercolani, D. Milazzo, R. Squitti, P.M. Rossini

Visual scan paths in first-episode schizophrenia and cannabis-induced psychosis
P.J. Benson, U. Leonards, R.M. Lothian, D.M. St. Clair, M.C.G. Merlo

CCNP Award Paper

Maternal programming of defensive responses through sustained effects on gene expression
J. Diorio, M.J. Meaney

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Using psychostimulants for treating residual symptoms in major depression
M.T. Berlim, G. Turecki