September 2007

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2007;32(5)


Amine oxidases and their inhibitors: what can they tell us about neuroprotection and the development of drugs for neuropsychiatric disorders?
G.B. Baker, B. Sowa, K.G. Todd

Research Papers

Dysfunction in early auditory processing in major depressive disorder revealed by combined MEG and EEG
S. Kähkönen, H. Yamashita, H. Rytsälä, K. Suominen, J. Ahveninen, E. Isometsä

Haloperidol induces the nuclear translocation of phosphatidylinositol 3′-kinase to disrupt Akt phosphorylation in PC12 cells
Y. Dai, Z. Wei, C.F. Sephton, D. Zhang, D.H. Anderson, D.D. Mousseau

Changes in serum lipids, independent of weight, are associated with changes in symptoms during long-term clozapine treatment
R.M. Procyshyn, K.M. Wasan, A.E. Thornton, A.M. Barr, E.Y.H. Chen, E. Pomarol-Clotet, E. Stip, R. Williams, G.W. MacEwan, C.L. Birmingham, W.G. Honer, for the Clozapine and Risperidone Enhancement Study Group

Auditory processing in schizophrenia during the middle latency period (10–50 ms): high-density electrical mapping and source analysis reveal subcortical antecedents to early cortical deficits
V.M. Leavitt, S. Molholm, W. Ritter, M. Shpaner, J.J. Foxe

The 5HTTLPR polymorphism, prior maltreatment and dramatic–erratic personality manifestations in women with bulimic syndromes
H. Steiger, J. Richardson, R. Joober, L. Gauvin, M. Israel, K.R. Bruce, N.M.K.N. Ying Kin, H. Howard, S.N. Young

Fatty acid composition in postmortem brains of people who completed suicide
A. Lalovic, É. Levy, L. Canetti, A. Sequeira, A. Montoudis, G. Turecki

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Pharmacological treatment of poststroke pathological laughing and crying
P. Giacobbe, A. Flint