March 2008

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2008;33(2)


Do antidepressants really work?
P. Blier

Review Papers

Reduced subgenual cingulate volumes in mood disorders: a meta-analysis
T. Hajek, J. Kozeny, M. Kopecek, M. Alda, C. Höschl

Implication of the polyamine system in mental disorders
L.M. Fiori, G. Turecki

Research Papers

The auditory-visual integration of anger is impaired in alcoholism: an event-related potentials study
P. Maurage, P. Philippot, F. Joassin, L. Pauwels, T. Pham, E.A. Prieto, E. Palmero-Soler, F. Zanow, S. Campanella

Serotonin transporter genotype interacts with paroxetine plasma levels to influence depression treatment response in geriatric patients
F.E. Lotrich, B.G. Pollock, M. Kirshner, R.F. Ferrell, C.F. Reynolds III

Serotonin receptor subtype and p11 mRNA expression in stress-relevant brain regions of suicide and control subjects
H. Anisman, L. Du, M. Palkovits, G. Faludi, G.G. Kovacs, P. Szontagh-Kishazi, Z. Merali, M.O. Poulter

Brief Report

Rostral anterior cingulate volume predicts treatment response to cognitive-behavioural therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder
R.A. Bryant, K. Felmingham, T.J. Whitford, A. Kemp, G. Hughes, A. Peduto, L.M. Williams

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Combined antidepressants and CBT for panic disorder with agoraphobia
N.J. Coupland