January 2010

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2010;35(1)


Bioanalytical inaccuracy: a threat to the integrity and efficiency of research
S.N. Young, G.M. Anderson

Research Papers

The contribution of hypersalience to the “jumping to conclusions” bias associated with delusions in schizophrenia
W.J. Speechley, J.C. Whitman, T.S. Woodward

Doxycycline inhibits proinflammatory cytokines but not acute cerebral cytogenesis after hypoxia–ischemia in neonatal rats
L.L. Jantzie, K.G. Todd

Hippocampal subdivision and amygdalar volumes in patients in an at-risk mental state for schizophrenia
H. Witthaus, U. Mendes, M. Brüne, S. Özgürdal, G. Bohner, Y. Gudlowski, P. Kalus, N. Andreasen, A. Heinz, R. Klingebiel, G. Juckel

Differential patterns of initial and sustained responses in amygdala and cortical regions to emotional stimuli in schizophrenia patients and healthy participants
P. Salgado-Pineda, E. Fakra, P. Delaveau, A.R. Hariri, O. Blin

Social cognition mediates illness-related and cognitive influences on social function in patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
J. Addington, T.A. Girard, B.K. Christensen, D. Addington

Brief Reports

Structural abnormality of the substantia nigra in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
M. Romanos, D.Weise, M. Schliesser, M. Schecklmann, J. Löffler, A. Warnke, M. Gerlach, J. Classen, C. Mehler-Wex

Circulating plasmalogen levels and Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale–Cognitive scores in Alzheimer patients
P.L. Wood, R. Mankidy, S. Ritchie, D. Heath, J.A. Wood, J. Flax, D.B. Goodenowe

CCNP News and Views

In memoriam: Dr. Samarthji Lal

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Treatment of bipolar disorder with comorbid migraine
A. Ortiz, M. Alda