September 2012

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2012;37(5)


Drugs for kids: Good or bad?
P.R. Albert

Research Papers

Schizophrenia with preserved insight is associated with increased perfusion of the precuneus
C. Faget-Agius, L. Boyer, R. Padovani, R. Richieri, O. Mundler, C. Lançon, E. Guedj

Magnetic resonance imaging correlates of first-episode psychosis in young adult male patients: combined analysis of grey and white matter
A. Ruef, L. Curtis, G. Moy, S. Bessero, M. Badan Bâ, F. Lazeyras, K.-O. Lövblad, S. Haller, A. Malafosse, P. Giannakopoulos, M. Merlo

Neurophysiological biomarkers support bipolar-spectrum disorders within psychosis cluster
M. Kaur, R.A. Battisti, J. Lagopoulos, P.B. Ward, I.B. Hickie, D.F. Hermens

Food motivation circuitry hypoactivation related to hedonic and nonhedonic aspects of hunger and satiety in women with active anorexia nervosa and weight-restored women with anorexia nervosa
L.M. Holsen, E.A. Lawson, J. Blum, E. Ko, N. Makris, P.K. Fazeli, A. Klibanski, J.M. Goldstein

Smaller hippocampal volumes in patients with bipolar disorder are masked by exposure to lithium: a meta-analysis
T. Hajek, M. Kopecek, C. Höschl, M. Alda

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Antidepressant medication to treat anxiety in patients with bipolar disorder
S. Hassel, G. MacQueen