May 2016


Dynamic endophenotypes and longitudinal trajectories: capturing changing aspects of development in early psychosis
J.L. Shah, M.M. Chakravarty, R. Joober, M. Lepage

Research Papers

Ventral striatal hypoactivation is associated with apathy but not diminished expression in patients with schizophrenia
M. Kirschner, O.M. Hager, M. Bischof, M.N. Hartmann, A. Kluge, E. Seifritz, P.N. Tobler, S. Kaiser

Associations between arterial stiffness, depressive symptoms and cerebral small vessel disease: cross-sectional findings from the AGES-Reykjavik Study
T.T. van Sloten, G.F. Mitchell, S. Sigurdsson, M.A. van Buchem, P.V. Jonsson, M.E. Garcia, T.B. Harris, R.M.A. Henry, A.S. Levey, C.D.A. Stehouwer, V. Gudnason, L.J. Launer

Selective genetic disruption of dopaminergic, serotonergic and noradrenergic neurotransmission: insights into motor, emotional and addictive behaviour
E. Isingrini, L. Perret, Q. Rainer, S. Sagueby, L. Moquin, A. Gratton, B. Giros

Facial emotion processing in patients with social anxiety disorder and Williams–Beuren syndrome: an fMRI study
C. Binelli, A. Muñiz, S. Subira, R. Navines, L. Blanco-Hinojo, D. Perez-Garcia, J. Crippa, M. Farré, L. Pérez-Jurado, J. Pujol, R. Martin-Santos

A translational systems biology approach in both animals and humans identifies a functionally related module of accumbal genes involved in the regulation of reward processing and binge drinking in males
D. Stacey, A. Lourdusamy, B. Ruggeri, M. Maroteaux, T. Jia, A. Cattrell, C. Nymberg, T. Banaschewski, S. Bhattacharyya, H. Band, G. Barker, A. Bokde, C. Buchel, F. Carvalho, P. Conrod, S. Desrivieres, A. Easton, M. Fauth-Buehler, A. Fernandez-Medarde, H. Flor, V. Frouin, J. Gallinat, H. Garavanh, A. Heinz, B. Ittermann, M. Lathrop, C. Lawrence, E. Loth, K. Mann, J.-L. Martinot, F. Nees, T. Paus, Z. Pausova, M. Rietschel, A. Rotter, E. Santos, M. Smolka, W. Sommer, M. Mameli, R. Spanagel, J.-A. Girault, C. Mueller, G. Schumann; on behalf of the IMAGEN consortium

The hippocampi of children with chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome have localized anterior alterations that predict severity of anxiety
J.A. Scott, N. Goodrich-Hunsaker, K. Kalish, A. Lee, M.R. Hunsaker, C.M. Schumann, O.T. Carmichael, T.J. Simon

To drink or not to drink: Harmful drinking is associated with hyperactivation of reward areas rather than hypoactivation of control areas in men
H. Stuke, S. Gutwinski, C.E. Wiers, T.T. Schmidt, S. Gröpper, J. Parnack, C. Gawron, C.H. Attar, S. Spengler, H. Walter, A. Heinz, F. Bermpohl

Elevated prefrontal cortex GABA in patients with major depressive disorder after TMS treatment measured with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy
M.J. Dubin, X. Mao, S. Banerjee, Z. Goodman, K.A.B. Lapidus, G. Kang, C. Liston, D.C. Shungu

Evidence of activation of the Toll-like receptor-4 proinflammatory pathway in patients with schizophrenia
B. García-Bueno, P. Gassó, K.S. MacDowell, L.F. Callado, S. Mas, M. Bernardo, A. Lafuente, J.J. Meana, J.C. Leza

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Breakthrough symptoms after switching long-acting injectable paliperidone palmitate from the gluteal to the deltoid site of administration
R.M. Procyshyn, J.L. Banasch, A.M. Barr, W.G. Honer