November 2016

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2016;41(6)


Legal responses to neuroscience
J. Fuss

Research Papers

Dysfunctional insular connectivity during reward prediction in patients with first-episode psychosis
A. Schmidt, L. Palaniyappan, R. Smieskova, A. Simon, A. Riecher-Rössler, U.E. Lang, P. Fusar-Poli, P. McGuire, S.J. Borgwardt

Partially restored resting-state functional connectivity in women recovered from anorexia nervosa
I. Boehm, D. Geisler, F. Tam, J.A. King, F. Ritschel, M. Seidel, F. Bernardoni, J. Murr, T. Goschke, V.D. Calhoun, V. Roessner, S. Ehrlich

Reduced kynurenine pathway metabolism and cytokine expression in the prefrontal cortex of depressed individuals
S.M. Clark, A. Pocivavsek, J.D. Nicholson, F.M. Notarangelo, P. Langenberg, R.P. McMahon, J.E. Kleinman, T.M. Hyde, J. Stiller, T.T. Postolache, R. Schwarcz, L.H. Tonelli

Male-typical visuospatial functioning in gynephilic girls with gender dysphoria — organizational and activational effects of testosterone
S.M. Burke, B.P.C. Kreukels, P.T. Cohen-Kettenis, D.J. Veltman, D.T. Klink, J. Bakker

COMT and DAT1 genes are associated with hyperactivity and inattention traits in the 1993 Pelotas Birth Cohort: evidence of sex-specific combined effect
G.C. Akutagava-Martins, A. Salatino-Oliveira, C. Kieling, J.P. Genro, G.V. Polanczyk, L. Anselmi, A.M.B. Menezes, H. Gonçalves, F.C. Wehrmeister, F.C. Barros, S.M. Callegari-Jacques, L.A. Rohde, M.H. Hutz

Common susceptibility variants are shared between schizophrenia and psoriasis in the Han Chinese population
X. Yin, N.E. Wineinger, K. Wang, W. Yue, N. Norgren, L. Wang, W. Yao, X. Jiang, B. Wu, Y. Cui, C. Shen, H. Cheng, F. Zhou, G. Chen, X. Zuo, X. Zheng, X. Fan, H. Wang, L. Wang, J. Lee, M. Lam, E.S. Tai, Z. Zhang, Q. Huang, L. Sun, J. Xu, S. Yang, K.C. Wilhelmsen, J. Liu, N.J. Schork, X. Zhang

The effect of methylphenidate intake on brain structure in adults with ADHD in a placebo-controlled randomized trial
L. Tebartz van Elst, S. Maier, S. Klöppel, E. Graf, C. Killius, M. Rump, E. Sobanski, D. Ebert, M. Berger, A. Warnke, S. Matthies, E. Perlov, A. Philipsen

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Clozapine for the management of persistent catatonia
K. Tabbane, S. Halayem, R. Joober

Letters to the Editor

Concepts and misconceptions regarding clinical staging models
J. Shah, J. Scott

Concepts and misconceptions regarding clinical staging models – Author response
M. Alda, F. Kapczinski