July 2018

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2018;43(4)


Are people with psychiatric disorders violent?
M. Leyton

Review Paper

Genetic variability in scaffolding proteins and risk for schizophrenia and autism-spectrum disorders: a systematic review
J. Soler, L. Fañanás, M. Parellada, M.-O. Krebs, G.A. Rouleau, M. Fatjó-Vilas

Research Papers

Examining cognition across the bipolar/schizophrenia diagnostic spectrum
A.J. Lynham, L. Hubbard, K.E. Tansey, M.L. Hamshere, S.E. Legge, M.J. Owen, I.R. Jones, J.T.R. Walters

Effects of extended-release naltrexone on the brain response to drug-related stimuli in patients with opioid use disorder
Z. Shi, A.-L. Wang, K. Jagannathan, V.P. Fairchild, C.P. O’Brien, A.R. Childress, D.D. Langleben

Abnormal dynamic functional connectivity of amygdalar subregions in untreated patients with first-episode major depressive disorder
L. Qiu, M. Xia, B. Cheng, L. Yuan, W. Kuang, F. Bi, H. Ai, Z. Gu, S. Lui, X. Huang, Y. He, Q. Gong

The maternal brain in women with a history of early-life maltreatment: an imagination-based fMRI study of conflictual versus pleasant interactions with children
C. Neukel, K. Bertsch, A. Fuchs, A.-L. Zietlow, C. Reck, E. Moehler, R. Brunner, F. Bermpohl, S.C. Herpertz


Enhanced corticobulbar excitability in chronic smokers during visual exposure to cigarette smoking cues

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Social anxiety disorder in schizophrenia: a neglected, yet potentially important comorbidity
M.-A. Roy, M.-F. Demers, A.M. Achim