January 2019

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2019;44(1)


From the neo-Kraepelinian framework to the new mechanical philosophy of psychiatry: regaining common sense
R. Joober, K. Tabbane

Review Paper

A review of functional neurological symptom disorder etiology and the integrated etiological summary model
A.D. Fobian, L. Elliott

Research Papers

ERβ agonist alters RNA splicing factor expression and has a longer window of antidepressant effectiveness than estradiol after long-term ovariectomy
X. Hou, S.O. Adeosun, X. Zhao, R. Hill, B. Zheng, R. Reddy, X. Su, J. Meyer, T. Mosley, J.M. Wang

Psychoradiologic abnormalities of white matter in patients with bipolar disorder: diffusion tensor imaging studies using tract-based spatial statistics
C. Yang, L. Li, X. Hu, Q. Luo, W. Kuang, S. Lui, X. Huang, J. Dai, M. He, G.J. Kemp, J.A. Sweeney, Q. Gong

Lifetime major depression and grey-matter volume
M.-L. Ancelin, I. Carrière, S. Artero, J. Maller, C. Meslin, K. Ritchie, J. Ryan, I. Chaudieu

Apathy alters emotional arousal in chronic schizophrenia
T. Dondaine, P. Philippot, J.-M. Batail, F. Le Jeune, P. Sauleau, S. Drapier, M. Vérin, B. Millet, D. Drapier, G. Robert


Head motion: the dirty little secret of neuroimaging in psychiatry
C. Makowski, M. Lepage, A.C. Evans

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Clozapine-induced obsessive–compulsive symptoms: mechanisms and treatment
D.D. Kim, A.M. Barr, R.F. White, W.G. Honer, R.M. Procyshyn


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