May 2019

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2019;44(3)


Adult neuroplasticity: A new “cure” for major depression?
P.R. Albert

Review Papers

Unilateral and bilateral repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment-resistant depression: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials over 2 decades
S. Sehatzadeh, Z.J. Daskalakis, B. Yap, H.-A. Tu, S. Palimaka, J.M. Bowen, D.J. O’Reilly

Genetic, epigenetic and posttranscriptional mechanisms for treatment of major depression: the 5-HT1A receptor gene as a paradigm
P.R. Albert, B. Le François, F. Vahid-Ansari

Research Papers

Multisensory integration underlying body-ownership experiences in schizophrenia and offspring of patients: a study using the rubber hand illusion paradigm
M. Prikken, A. van der Weiden, H. Baalbergen, M.H.J. Hillegers, R.S. Kahn, H. Aarts, N.E.M. van Haren

Neurobehavioural mechanisms of threat generalization moderate the link between childhood maltreatment and psychopathology in emerging adulthood
I. Lange, L. Goossens, J. Bakker, S. Michielse, R. van Winkel, S. Lissek, N. Leibold, M. Marcelis, M. Wichers, J. van Os, T. van Amelsvoort, K. Schruers

Reduced parietofrontal effective connectivity during a working-memory task in people with high delusional ideation
Y. Fukuda, T. Katthagen, L. Deserno, L. Shayegan, J. Kaminski, A. Heinz, F. Schlagenhauf

A longitudinal, epigenome-wide study of DNA methylation in anorexia nervosa: results in actively ill, partially weight-restored, long-term remitted and non-eating-disordered women
H. Steiger, L. Booij, E. Kahan, K. McGregor, L. Thaler, E. Fletcher, A. Labbe, R. Joober, M. Israël, M. Szyf, L.B. Agellon, L. Gauvin, A. St-Hilaire, E. Rossi

CCNP News and Views

Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology 2019 award winners

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

N-Acetylcysteine augmentation in refractory obsessive–compulsive disorder
S. Bhaskara