November 2020

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2020;45(6)


Reconsidering brain tissue changes as a mechanistic focus for early intervention in psychiatry
L. Palaniyappan, N. Sukumar

Research Papers

Sex-specific pathways among tri-allelic serotonin transporter polymorphism, trait neuroticism and generalized anxiety disorder
H.-A. Chang, W.-H. Fang, Y.-P. Liu, N.-S. Tzeng, J.-F. Shyu, F.-J. Wan, S.-Y. Huang, T.-C. Chang, C.-C. Chang

Predicting response to psychiatric surgery: a systematic review of neuroimaging findings
B. Davidson, H. Suresh, M. Goubran, J.S. Rabin, Y. Meng, K. Mithani, C.B. Pople, P. Giacobbe, C. Hamani, N. Lipsman

Association between functional and structural connectivity of the corticostriatal network in people with schizophrenia and unaffected first-degree relatives
P. Li, R.-X. Jing, R.-J. Zhao, L. Shi, H.-Q. Sun, Z. Ding, X. Lin, L. Lu, Y. Fan

Volumetric brain differences in clinical depression in association with anxiety: a systematic review with meta-analysis
D.A. Espinoza Oyarce, M.E. Shaw, K. Alateeq, N. Cherbuin

Differing functional mechanisms underlie cognitive control deficits in psychotic spectrum disorders
D.D. Stephenson, A.A. El Shaikh, N.A. Shaff, J.R. Bustillo, A.B. Dodd, C.J. Wertz, S.G. Ryman, F.M. Hanlon, J.P. Hogeveen, J.M. Ling, R.A. Yeo, S.F. Stromberg, D.S. Lin, S. Abrams, A.R. Mayer

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Therapeutic abstention in the treatment of depression in first-episode psychosis
P. Sabesan, L. Palaniyappan