May – June 2021

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2021 May-June;46(3)


The moving target of psychiatric diagnosis
M. Alda

Research Papers

A single dose of escitalopram blunts the neural response in the thalamus and caudate during monetary loss
C.A. Lewis, K. Mueller, R.G. Zsido, J. Reinelt, R. Regenthal, H. Okon-Singer, E.E. Forbes, A. Villringer, J. Sacher

Social support and hippocampal volume are negatively associated in adults with previous experience of childhood maltreatment
K. Förster, L. Danzer, R. Redlich, N. Opel, D. Grotegerd, E.J. Leehr, K. Dohm, V. Enneking, S. Meinert, J. Goltermann, H. Lemke, L. Waltemate, K. Thiel, K. Behnert; K. Brosch, F. Stein, T. Meller, K. Ringwald, S. Schmitt, O. Steinsträter, A. Jansen, A. Krug, I. Nenadic, T. Kircher, T. Hahn, H. Kugel, W. Heindel, J. Repple, U. Dannlowski

Acute conceptual disorganization in untreated first-episode psychosis: a combined magnetic resonance spectroscopy and diffusion imaging study of the cingulum
Y. Pan, K. Dempster, P. Jeon, J. Théberge, A.R. Khan, L. Palaniyappan

Brain cortical and subcortical morphology in adolescents with depression and a history of suicide attempt
A.J. Gifuni, M.M. Chakravarty, M. Lepage, T.C. Ho, M.-C. Geoffroy, E. Lacourse, I.H. Gotlib, G. Turecki, J. Renaud, F. Jollant

Blood microbiota and metabolomic signature of major depression before and after antidepressant treatment: a prospective case–control study
D. Ciocan, A-M. Cassard, L. Becquemont, C. Verstuyft, C.S. Voican, K. El Asmar, R. Colle, D. David, S. Trabado, B. Feve, P. Chanson, G. Perlemuter, E. Corruble

Cortico-cortical connectivity behind acoustic information transfer to mouse orbitofrontal cortex is sensitive to neuromodulation and displays local sensory gating: relevance in disorders with auditory hallucinations?
A. Tripathi, S.S. Sato, P. Medini

Elevated activity in the dorsal dentate gyrus reduces expression of fear memory after fear extinction training
Y. Zhang, Z. Wang, J. Ju, J. Liao, Q. Zhou

Chronic lithium treatment alters the excitatory/ inhibitory balance of synaptic networks and reduces mGluR5–PKC signalling in mouse cortical neurons
A. Khayachi, A. Ase, C. Liao, A. Kamesh, N. Kuhlmann, L. Schorova, B. Chaumette, P. Dion, M. Alda, P. Séguéla, G. Rouleau, A. Milnerwood

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Serotonin syndrome: SSRIs are not the only culprit
N. Garel, K.T. Greenway, K. Tabbane, R. Joober

To continue or discontinue antidepressants in anxiety disorders? A dilemma for patients and clinicians
A. Muntingh, N. Batelaan, W. Scholten, A.J. van Balkom