JPN moves to online only

As of January 2021, the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience (JPN) will move to an online only format, and the print format will be discontinued. JPN content is currently already freely available online. In 2021 the journal moves to a new content licence, making all content Open Access.  We will continue to publish our popular Editorials and Psychopharmacology for the Clinician articles on a bimonthly schedule.

Advantages of online-only publication will include

  • Reduced time from acceptance to publication
  • Immediate publication of finalized copy-edited papers
  • Rapid Open Access to all papers published
  • Rapid indexing of all finalized papers in PubMed and other aggregators
  • Increased impact for papers immediately available in final format
  • No colour fees
  • Increased flexibility for number of papers published.
  • Low publication fee ($Can 2100) for Open Access
  • Rank among the top Open Access journals in biological psychiatry (2018 IF: 4.899)

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Consider submitting your work to JPN.  As always, JPN will continue to focus narrowly on papers that provide insight into the neural mechanisms involved in the etiology and treatment of specific psychiatric disorders.  We remain committed to fair and timely peer review of submitted manuscripts, as outlined by Young.