January 2005

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2005;30(1)


Depression and multiple sclerosis: a potential way to understand the biology of major depressive illness
R.T. Joffe

Research Papers

The effects of nefazodone on women with seasonal affective disorder: clinical and polysomnographic analyses
J. Shen, S.H. Kennedy, R.D. Levitan, L. Kayumov, C.M. Shapiro

Increased occipital delta dipole density in major depressive disorder determined by magnetoencephalography
A. Fernández, A. Rodriguez-Palancas, M. López-Ibor, P. Zuluaga, A. Turrero, F. Maestú, C. Amo, J.J. López-Ibor Jr., T Ortiz

Is initiation of smoking associated with the prodromal phase of schizophrenia?
K. Riala, H. Hakko, M. Isohanni, A. Pouta, P. Räsänen

Adult metachromatic leukodystrophy: disorganized schizophrenia-like symptoms and postpartum depression in 2 sisters
H. Gregoric Kumperscak, E. Paschke, P. Gradisnik, J. Vidmar, S. Umek Bradac

Information-processing deficits and cognitive dysfunction in panic disorder
S. Ludewig, M.A. Geyer, M. Ramseier, F.X. Vollenweider, E. Rechsteiner, K. Cattapan-Ludewig

The effect of methionine and S-adenosylmethionine on S-adenosylmethionine levels in the rat brain
S.N. Young, M. Shalchi

Brief Report

Preliminary evidence for an association between aggression and hostile behaviour and 3α,5α-tetrahydroprogesterone plasma levels in schizophrenia
G. Spalletta, E. Romeo, G. Bonaviri, G. Bernardi, C. Caltagirone, F. di Michele

Object versus spatial visual mental imagery in patients with schizophrenia
A. Aleman, E.H.F. de Haan, R.S. Kahn

Letter to the Editors

Quetiapine-induced hypothyroidism
S. Ramaswamy, Z. Siddiqui, S. Saharan, T.L. Gabel, S.C. Bhatia Reviewers



Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

What is the optimal implementation of bright light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
Robert D. Levitan