September 2005

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2005;30(5)


The Douglas Hospital Research Centre: celebrating 25 years of innovation in mental health research
R. Quirion

Douglas Hospital Research Centre Symposium

Stressed or stressed out: What is the difference?
B.S. McEwen

The Montreal Imaging Stress Task: using functional imaging to investigate the effects of perceiving and processing psychosocial stress in the human brain
K. Dedovic, R. Renwick, N. Khalili Mahani, V. Engert, S.J. Lupien, J.C. Pruessner

The Douglas Hospital Longitudinal Study of Normal and Pathological Aging: summary of findings
S.J. Lupien, G. Schwartz, Y.K. Ng, A. Fiocco, N. Wan, J.C. Pruessner, M.J. Meaney, N.P.V. Nair

Exploring the gene-environment nexus in eating disorders
C.M. Bulik

Understanding putative risk factors for schizophrenia: retropective and prospective studies
S. King, D. Laplante, R. Joober

Genetics of developmental psychiatric disorders: pathways to discovery
R. Joober, S. Sengupta, P. Boksa

Economic considerations associated with assertive community treatment and supported employment for people with severe mental illness
E. Latimer

The national policy reforms for mental health services and the story of early intervention services in the United Kingdom
R. Joseph, M. Birchwood

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

What is the best way to treat bipolar depression?
P. Silverstone


Neuropsychiatric manifestations of HIV infection and AIDS: correction