September 2008

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2008;33(5)


The neurobiology of human social behaviour: an important but neglected topic
S.N. Young

Review papers

Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy and increased risk of schizophrenia in offspring: a review of the evidence and putative mechanisms
R.J. Van Lieshout, L.P. Voruganti

Provocation of obsessive–compulsive symptoms: a quantitative voxel-based meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies
J.-Y. Rotge, D. Guehl, B. Dilharreguy, E. Cuny, J. Tignol, B. Bioulac, M. Allard, P. Burbaud, B. Aouizerate

Research Papers

The neural networks of inhibitory control in posttraumatic stress disorder
E. Falconer, R. Bryant, K.L. Felmingham, A.H. Kemp, E. Gordon, A. Peduto, G. Olivieri, L.M. Williams

Effect of hippocampal and amygdala volumes on clinical outcomes in major depression: a 3-year prospective magnetic resonance imaging study
T. Frodl, M. Jäger, I. Smajstrlova, C. Born, R. Bottlender, T. Palladino, M. Reiser, H.-J. Möller, E.M. Meisenzahl

Cerebral ventricular volume and temperamental difficulties in infancy. The Generation R Study
S.J. Roza, P.P. Govaert, M.H. Lequin, V.W.V. Jaddoe, H.A. Moll, E.A.P. Steegers, A. Hofman, F.C. Verhulst, H. Tiemeier

Microstructural thalamic changes in schizophrenia: a combined anatomic and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging study
N. Agarwal, G. Rambaldelli, C. Perlini, N. Dusi, O. Kitis, M. Bellani, R. Cerini, M. Isola, A. Versace, M. Balestrieri, A. Gasparini, R. Pozzi Mucelli, M. Tansella, P. Brambilla

Brief Reports

BDNF protein levels are decreased in transformed lymphoblasts from lithium-responsive patients with bipolar disorder
M. Tseng, M. Alda, L. Xu, X. Sun, J.-F. Wang, P. Grof, G. Turecki, G. Rouleau, T.L. Young

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Smoking cessation: the psychiatrist’s role
N.J. Delva