March 2010

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2010;35(2)


Gamma oscillations and schizophrenia
S. Williams, P. Boksa

Review Paper

Does neuroimaging research examining the pathophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder require medication-free patients?
R.A. Lanius, C.R. Brewin, J.D. Bremner, J.K. Daniels, M.J. Friedman, I. Liberzon, A. McFarlane, P.P. Schnurr, L. Shin, M. Stein, E. Vermetten

CCNP News and Views

Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology 2009 Award Winners

Research Papers

Correlation between errors on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and the availability of striatal dopamine transporters in healthy volunteers
P.C. Hsieh, T.L. Yeh, I.H. Lee, H.C. Huang, P.S. Chen, Y.K. Yang, N.T. Chiu, R.B. Lu, M.-H. Liao

Hippocampal and caudate volume reductions in antipsychotic-naive first-episode schizophrenia
B.H. Ebdrup, B. Glenthøj, H. Rasmussen, B. Aggernaes, A.R. Langkilde, O.B. Paulson, H. Lublin, A. Skimminge, W. Baaré

Neural circuitry of emotional face processing in autism spectrum disorders
C.S. Monk, S.-J. Weng, J.L. Wiggins, N. Kurapati, H.M.C. Louro, M. Carrasco, J. Maslowsky, S. Risi, C. Lord

Longitudinal study of carbon monoxide intoxication by diffusion tensor imaging with neuropsychiatric correlation
C.-C. Chang, W.-N. Chang, C.-C. Lui, J.-J. Wang, C.-F. Chen, Y.-C. Lee, S.-S. Chen, Y.-T. Lin, C.-W. Huang, C. Chen

Brief Report

Reduced amygdalar and hippocampal size in adults with generalized social phobia
E. Irle, M. Ruhleder, C. Lange, U. Seidler-Brandler, S. Salzer, P. Dechent, G. Weniger, E. Leibing, F. Leichsenring

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Tryptophan for refractory bipolar spectrum disorder and sleep-phase delay
R.G. Cooke, R.D. Levitan