September 2010

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2010;35(5)


Will there be a role for neuroimaging in clinical psychiatry?
G.M. MacQueen

Research Papers

Oxidative damage to RNA but not DNA in the hippocampus of patients with major mental illness
Y. Che, J.-F. Wang, L. Shao, L.T. Young

Osteoprotegerin levels in patients with severe mental disorders
S. Hope, I. Melle, P. Aukrust, I. Agartz, S. Lorentzen, N.E. Steen, S. Djurovic, T. Ueland, O.A. Andreassen

Orbitofrontal volume reductions during emotion recognition in patients with major depression
J. Scheuerecker, E.M. Meisenzahl, N. Koutsouleris, M. Roesner, V. Schöpf, J. Linn, M. Wiesmann, H. Brückmann, H.- J. Möller, T. Frodl

Neural correlates of set-shifting: decomposing executive functions in schizophrenia
A. Wilmsmeier, P. Ohrmann, T. Suslow, A. Siegmund, K. Koelkebeck, M. Rothermundt, H. Kugel, V. Arolt, J. Bauer, A. Pedersen

Regional differences in cerebral perfusion associated with the α-2A-adrenergic receptor genotypes in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
B.-N. Kim, J.-W. Kim, H. Kang, S.-C. Cho, M.-S. Shin, H.-J. Yoo, S.-B. Hong, D.S. Lee

Structural changes in the hippocampus in major depressive disorder: contributions of disease and treatment
N.V. Malykhin, R. Carter, P. Seres, N.J. Coupland

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Autism spectrum disorders, schizo phrenia and diagnostic confusion
M.R. Woodbury-Smith, K. Boyd, P. Szatmari