March 2012

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2012;37(2)


Abnormal synaptic pruning in schizophrenia: Urban myth or reality?
P. Boksa

Research Papers

Stress response in postpartum women with and without obsessive–compulsive symptoms: an fMRI study
C. Lord, M. Steiner, C.N. Soares, C.L. Carew, G.B. Hall

Working memory processing of traumatic material in women with posttraumatic stress disorder
L. Landré, C. Destrieux, F. Andersson, L. Barantin, Y. Quidé, G. Tapia, N. Jaafari, D. Clarys, P. Gaillard, M. Isingrini, W. El-Hage

Event-related potentials and changes of brain rhythm oscillations during working memory activation in patients with first-episode psychosis
P. Missonnier, F.R. Herrmann, A. Zanello, M. Badan Bâ, L. Curtis, D.Canovas, F. Chantraine, J. Richiardi, P. Giannakopoulos, M.C.G. Merlo

Voxel-wise meta-analysis of fMRI studies in patients at clinical high risk for psychosis
P. Fusar-Poli

Long-term administration of the dopamine D3/2 receptor agonist pramipexole increases dopamine and serotonin neurotransmission in the male rat forebrain
O. Chernoloz, M. El Mansari, P. Blier

Is the Gly82Ser polymorphism in the RAGE gene relevant to schizophrenia and the personality trait psychoticism?
P. Suchankova, J. Klang, C. Cavanna, G. Holm, S. Nilsson, E.G. Jönsson, A. Ekman

Differential association between the norepinephrine transporter gene and ADHD: role of sex and subtype
S.M. Sengupta, N. Grizenko, G.A. Thakur, J. Bellingham, R. DeGuzman, S. Robinson, M. TerStepanian, A. Poloskia, S.M. Shaheen, M.-E. Fortier, Z. Choudhry, R. Joober

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Managing pathologic aggression in people with psychotic disorders
D. Bourget, A. Labelle