March 2015

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;40(2)


Can the neurodevelopmental theory account for sex differences in schizophrenia across the life span?
C.H. Baldwin, L.K. Srivastava

Research Papers

Knockdown of phospholipase C-β1 in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice impairs working memory among multiple schizophrenia endophenotypes
S.-W. Kim, M. Seo, D.-S. Kim, M. Kang, Y.-S. Kim, H.-Y. Koh, H.-S. Shin

Increased orbitofrontal cortex activation associated with “pro-obsessive” antipsychotic treatment in patients with schizophrenia
F. Schirmbeck, D. Mier, C. Esslinger, F. Rausch, S. Englisch, S. Eifler, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, P. Kirsch, M. Zink

Does neuroanatomy account for superior temporal dysfunction in early psychosis? A multimodal MRI investigation
W. Pettersson-Yeo, S. Benetti, S. Frisciata, M. Catani, S.C.R. Williams, P. Allen, P. McGuire, A. Mechelli

Disadvantageous decision-making on a rodent gambling task is associated with increased motor impulsivity in a population of male rats
M.M. Barrus, J.G. Hosking, F.D. Zeeb, M. Tremblay, C.A. Winstanley

An eye-tracking investigation of intentional motion perception in patients with schizophrenia
P. Roux, C. Passerieux, F. Ramus

Increased levels of IL-6 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with chronic schizophrenia — significance for activation of the kynurenine pathway
L. Schwieler, M.K. Larsson, E. Skogh, M.E. Kegel, F. Orhan, S. Abdelmoaty, A. Finn, M. Bhat, M. Samuelsson, K. Lundberg, M.-L. Dahl, C. Sellgren, I. Schuppe-Koistinen, C.I. Svensson, S. Erhardt, G. Engberg

Sad mood induction has an opposite effect on amygdala response to emotional stimuli in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder and healthy controls
J. Horacek, P. Mikolas, J. Tintera, T. Novak, T. Palenicek, M. Brunovsky, C. Höschl, M. Alda

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Adjunctive treatment with melatonin receptor agonists for older delirious patients with the sundowning phenomenon
T.-C. Yeh, C.-B. Yeh, N.-S. Tzeng, W.-C. Mao