September 2016

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2015;41(5)


Staging model raises fundamental questions about the nature of bipolar disorder
M. Alda, F. Kapczinski

Research Papers

Objective sleep disturbances are associated with greater waking resting-state connectivity between the retrosplenial cortex/ hippocampus and various nodes of the default mode network
W. Regen, S.D. Kyle, C. Nissen, B. Feige, C. Baglioni, J. Hennig, D. Riemann, K. Spiegelhalder

Prediction error and somatosensory insula activation in women recovered from anorexia nervosa
G.K.W. Frank, S. Collier, M.E. Shott, R.C. O’Reilly

Proactive response inhibition abnormalities in the sensorimotor cortex of patients with schizophrenia
A.R. Mayer, F.M. Hanlon, A.B. Dodd, R.A. Yeo, K.Y. Haaland, J.M. Ling, S.G. Ryman

Cocaine cue–induced dopamine release in the human prefrontal cortex
M.S. Milella, A. Fotros, P. Gravel, K.F. Casey, K. Larcher, J.A.J. Verhaeghe, S.M.L. Cox, A.J. Reader, A. Dagher, C. Benkelfat, M. Leyton

Global brain connectivity alterations in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar spectrum disorders
K.C. Skåtun, T. Kaufmann, S. Tønnesen, G. Biele, I. Melle, I. Agartz, D. Alnæs, O.A. Andreassen, L.T. Westlye

MicroRNA-326 acts as a molecular switch in the regulation of midbrain urocortin 1 expression
A. Aschrafi, J.M. Verheijen, P.M. Gordebeke, N. F. Olde Loohuis, K. Menting, A. Jager, M. Palkovits, B. Geenen, A. Kos, G.J.M. Martens, J.C. Glennon, B.B. Kaplan, B. Gaszner, T. Kozicz

Neural signature of behavioural inhibition in women with bulimia nervosa
M. Skunde, S. Walther, J.J. Simon, M. Wu, M. Bendszus, W. Herzog, H.-C. Friederich

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Managing the comorbidity of schizophrenia and ADHD
A. Gough, J. Morrison