September 2019

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2019;44(5)


Cannabis legalization: Did we make a mistake? Update 2019
M. Leyton

Research Papers

5-HT1A receptor, 5-HT2A receptor and serotonin transporter binding in the human auditory cortex in depression
L.J. Steinberg, M.D. Underwood, M.J. Bakalian, S.A. Kassir, J.J. Mann, V. Arango

Nonacceptance of negative emotions in women with borderline personality disorder: association with neuroactivity of the dorsal striatum
A. Lamers, M. Toepper, S. Carvalho Fernando, N. Schlosser, E. Bauer, F. Woermann, M. Driessen, T. Beblo

Resting-state connectivity of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the central nucleus of the amygdala in clinical anxiety
S. Torrisi, G.M. Alvarez, A.X. Gorka, B. Fuchs, M. Geraci, C. Grillon, M. Ernst

Altered thalamo–cortical and occipital–parietal–temporal–frontal white matter connections in patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa: a systematic review of diffusion tensor imaging studies
S. Gaudio, F. Carducci, C. Piervincenzi, G. Olivo, H.B. Schiöth

Adult patients with ADHD differ from healthy controls in implicit, but not explicit, emotion regulation
L. Materna, C.D. Wiesner, A. Shushakova, J. Trieloff, N. Weber, A. Engell, R.I. Schubotz, J. Bauer, A. Pedersen, P. Ohrmann

Truncating variant burden in high-functioning autism and pleiotropic effects of LRP1 across psychiatric phenotypes
B. Torrico, A.D. Shaw, R. Mosca, N. Vivó-Luque, A. Hervás, N. Fernàndez-Castillo, P. Aloy, M. Bayés, J.M. Fullerton, B. Cormand, C. Toma


Young Researchers’ Brain Health Research Day Joint Conference: “Game of Hormones: Why Sex Matters for Brain Health”