January 2020

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2020;45(1)


We need an operational framework for heterogeneity in psychiatric research
A. Nunes, T. Trappenberg, M. Alda

Research Papers

Magnetic resonance imaging texture predicts progression to dementia due to Alzheimer disease earlier than hippocampal volume
S. Lee, H. Lee, K.W. Kim; for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Neurobiological commonalities and distinctions among 3 major psychiatric disorders: a graph theoretical analysis of the structural connectome
S. Wang, G. Gong, S. Zhong, J. Duan, Z. Yin, M. Chang, S. Wei, X. Jiang, Y. Zhou, Y. Tang, F. Wang

Attentional bias modification is associated with fMRI response toward negative stimuli in individuals with residual depression: a randomized controlled trial
E. Hilland, N.I. Landrø, C.J. Harmer, M. Browning, L.A. Maglanoc, R. Jonassen

A genome-wide association study of cocaine use disorder accounting for phenotypic heterogeneity and gene–environment interaction
J. Sun, H.R. Kranzler, J. Gelernter, J. Bi

Neuroanatomical predictors of response to subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression
T. Sankar, M.M. Chakravarty, N. Jawa, S.X. Li, P. Giacobbe, S.H. Kennedy, S.J. Rizvi, H.S. Mayberg, C. Hamani, A.M. Lozano

Abnormalities of intrinsic regional brain activity in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of resting-state functional MRI
J. Gong, J. Wang, X. Luo, G. Chen, H. Huang, R. Huang, L. Huang, Y. Wang

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Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Kleptomania treated with naltrexone in a patient with intellectual disability
F. Mouaffak, S. Hamzaoui, O. Kebir, X. Laqueille