March 2020

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2020;45(2)


Are mental disorders orphan diseases?
N. Garel, R. Joober

Research Papers

Melatonin suppression by melanopsin-weighted light in patients with bipolar I disorder compared to healthy controls
P. Ritter, F. Wieland, D.J. Skene, A. Pfennig, M. Weiss, M. Bauer, E. Severus, H. Güldner, C. Sauer, B. Soltmann, S. Neumann

Impaired cognitive performance under psychosocial stress in cannabis-dependent men is associated with attenuated precuneus activity
W. Zhao, K. Zimmermann, X. Zhou, F. Zhou, M. Fu, C. Dernbach, D. Scheele, B. Weber, M. Eckstein, R. Hurlemann, K.M. Kendrick, B. Becker

Altered response to risky decisions and reward in patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder
P.S. Moreira, J. Macoveanu, P. Marques, A. Coelho, R. Magalhães, H.R. Siebner, J.M. Soares, N. Sousa, P. Morgado

Intact value-based decision-making during intertemporal choice in women with remitted anorexia nervosa? An fMRI study
J.A. King, F. Bernardoni, D. Geisler, F. Ritschel, A. Doose, S. Pauligk, K. Pásztor, K. Weidner, V. Roessner, M.N. Smolka, S. Ehrlich

Brain structural correlates of alexithymia in patients with major depressive disorder
K. Förster, V. Enneking, K. Dohm, R. Redlich, S. Meinert, A.I. Geisler, E.J. Leehr, H. Kugel, B.T. Baune, V. Arolt, P. Zwitserlood, D. Grotegerd, U. Dannlowski

Psychotic symptoms are associated with lower cortical folding in youth at risk for mental illness
V. Drobinin, H. Van Gestel, A. Zwicker, L. MacKenzie, J. Cumby, V.C. Patterson, E. Howes Vallis, N. Campbell, T. Hajek, C.A. Helmick, M.H. Schmidt, M. Alda, C.V. Bowen, R. Uher

Quantitative tractography reveals changes in the corticospinal tract in drug-naïve children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
X. Bu, C. Yang, K. Liang, Q. Lin, L. Lu, L. Zhang, H. Li, Y. Gao, S. Tang, X. Hu, Y. Wang, X. Hu, M. Wang, X. Huang


In memoriam: Chawki Benkelfat (1953–2020)
M. Leyton

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician

Mu-opioid antagonism in the treatment of cannabis use disorder
O. Kebir, X. Laqueille, F. Mouaffak